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Celebrating Animals & Artists for Ahimsa

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Animal Culture magazine

A multi-arts tribute to animals and a celebration of Animal Culture Magazine

We honor the work of this year’s Artists for Ahimsa Award 2023 honoree, ANIMAL CULTURE MAGAZINE, by celebrating some of the animals who have been featured in the magazine’s many articles, and by sharing about Animal Culture’s vision and work in an interview with its co-founder Patricia Denys, interwoven with presentations of multi-arts videos, readings, and artwork from Compassion Arts’ collective.

Animal Culture Magazine

Animal Culture logo

Animal Culture Magazine is the work of five artists, Jeff Brouwer, Associate Art Director; Patricia Denys, Creative Director; Mary Holmes, Editor; Karlie Kawa, Art Director; and Mark Lukas, Designer; who have joined together to combine their creative skills and their passion for animals in order to create a magazine for animals! Between them, they have published a photography book, Animal Magnetism, and have won 6 Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation for Animal Culture, in addition to creating an award-winning film short, Awesome Living With Andy, to educate on animals with disabilities. Animal Culture’s team all have long histories in animal rescue and animal activism and see the magazine as a powerful and timely voice.

The magazine connects to nationally and internationally known writers, artists, activists and others, engaged in speaking to advocate for those whose voices often go unheard. Their goal is to produce a magazine to educate, motivate and celebrate issues about and for animals.

Patricia Denys

Patricia Denys

Patricia Denys, MFA is an artist, animal activist, educator, vegan, yogi and an interfaith/interspecies animal chaplain. She is the co-photographer and author with Mary Holmes on their photography book of people and their companion animals, Animal Magnetism. In addition, Denys functions as the creative director for Animal Culture magazine.

Mary Holmes

Mary Holmes

Mary Holmes, MBA, is a college instructor, published photographer, animal rights activist, yogi and vegan. In addition to her duties as writer and Editor-in-chief for Animal Culture, she is also an accomplished cook. She spends time whenever possible, with her brood of rescued dogs and cats.

Karlie Kawa

Karlie Kawa Karlie Kawa is a digital design instructor at San Bernardino Valley College and Platt College in Southern California. In addition to teaching digital design, web development, photography, and art history, she does freelance design and illustration. Karlie is currently the Art Director for Animal Culture Magazine. She is an advocate for the welfare and preservation of animals and our planet.

Jeff Brouwer

Jeff Brower

Jeff Brouwer is an award-winning designer who has been helping brands evolve and grow for over 25 years. Currently, Jeff is the Assistant Vice President for Brand Strategy and Visual Identity at Chapman University in Orange, California. The meaningful work Jeff does for the magazine as Associate Art Director is the type of work that combines his personal and professional aspirations, and that he hopes will resonate with its readers. He is in his third year with Animal Culture.

Mark Lukas

Mark Lukas

Mark Lukas joined Animal Culture as a Designer in 2021. An accomplished guitarist and musician, he also works as a Senior Graphic Designer, National Marketing, at Stream Realty Partners. He shares his life with a two-year-old Italian Greyhound named Henley.

Artists for Ahimsa Award

Ahimsa Award

Artists for Ahimsa 2023, Animal Culture painting by Jane O’Hara

Compassion Arts Festival presents an ARTISTS FOR AHIMSA AWARD each year to spotlight the work of an individual or project using the arts and creativity to advocate for animals and holistic non-violence through deepening respect and compassion for animals in ways that both help animals directly and also help expand community for animal advocacy as well. With the exception of last year 2022 when there was no festival, past ARTISTS FOR AHIMSA AWARD honorees have included Allison Argo (2018), Jo-Anne McArthur (2019), Cyrus Mejia (2020) and Aysha Akhtar (2021).

The Artist for Ahimsa Award recipients are honored with an original painting celebrating their vision and their work, created by artist Jane O’Hara. The painting for this year’s Artists for Ahimsa is Animal Culture. To see the other Ahims Award paintings visit our ARCHIVES page.